This is so exciting.  I have no idea what I’m going to write about yet but hopefully I’ll be inspired soon.  Does anyone other than my family really care about what I’m doing on a daily basis?  No.  My goal is to entertain myself.   I also want to help people somehow.    Great, I just added a picture of an alcoholic beverage!  This was the first time I had a cocktail that contained red pepper as a garnish.  Who knew that red pepper would taste so good with a light and fruity vodka cocktail?  It was at the trendy SLS Hotel in Miami.  The pool there is amazing.  They play latin music in the background the whole time and there’s also a lounge with couches near the pool.   Miami is so hip.   I feel so awkward and uncool there, which is fun because it’s something new and out of the comfort zone.   I don’t even know what the comfort zone is anymore.           IMG_2236